The importance of keeping your keys safe and secure should be the top priority for any business.


No matter what sector or industry you work within, keys will be used on a day-to-day basis to ensure your business is running smoothly and safely. Whether you are using an abundance of keys to lock/unlock certain doors in an office building, or perhaps you are in possession of many keys at one time which is a requirement of your company, you will need the peace of mind knowing these keys are safe at any given time, especially when you are not present.

With companies investing in the latest and most expensive gadgets and technology, the rate of burglaries has risen dramatically over the previous 10 years. This is why you MUST keep your keys safe using the most optimal security precaution you can follow today. Key Cabinets allow you to keep your keys safe from unauthorised use, where you can efficiently monitor who is in control at any given time. Let’s have a look at some of our top picks for Key Cabinets and safety measures you should be investing in your business with today!


  • Extra Security Key Cabinets

Business premises may need to hold up to thousands of keys at one time, or maybe you just need a hand-full of keys kept at the highest level of security possible. Extra Security Key Cabinets here at KeySecure range from holding just 50 keys, all the way up to 1500 keys, tailoring different business requirements and applications. These cabinets also hold 25 bunches all the way up to 500 bunches, suitable for those working within industries that require bunches of keys to be held together at once (car dealerships with transponder keys, estate agencies…etc). This 2.5mm thick high-quality steel key cabinet will keep your keys extra safe, with adjustable height hook bars to accommodate different size keys.

Supplied with colour coded adjustable hook bars, this unique key cabinet is complete with key tags, rings & numbers, with a removable control index card, making it more efficient to identify and label keys within your cabinet. It is vital that keys are labelled, as it is extremely easy to misplace or confuse keys for others that are similar. Especially if you’re business deals with customer keys such as garages and car parks, keys cannot afford to be swapped or handed out without clarity and security.

Index card for labelling, you can take this in and out, stored in a safe place, making it hard for potential intruders.

Locking options for these Extra Security Key Cabinets include:

  • Half Euro Locking
  • Mechanical Digital Lock
  • Mechanical Digital Lock With Key Override
  • Electronic Slam Shut Lock With Key Override
  • Electronic Slam Shut Smart Audit Lock

With these extensive options for locking the key cabinet, you can choose which option best suits your business needs.


  • The Latest Technology Key Cabinets

As mentioned earlier, technology is only continuing to enhance, meaning the world of key cabinets and keeping your keys safe is following this path. Having the latest technology accessible at your fingertips when it comes to your key security is more important then ever. Company appliances, premises and technology is more expensive than ever, meaning they must be protected from those looking to take advantage of businesses who do not adapt to the most up to date technology.

By adding a unique and personal access option on your key cabinet, this will only enhance both the safety and simplicity of your system. For example, our top pick for the latest technology is the smart audit lock.

This lock offers a variety of advanced programming and access methods, with Bluetooth operation so you can control the lock from the palm of your hands. Through your phone you can set codes for a specific start date and time, that will automatically expire after your set duration. Providing both flexibility and convenience through these range of access methods, multiple access options mean people can access the lock via code input, through a compatible tap card or through an invitation on your smartphone. The lock will keep track on who opened it and when it was opened, keeping this information stored through an app. The lock does not require Wi-Fi access for operation, meaning it can be applied in any given business sector (agricultural settings, industrial settings…etc).

Other Key Features include:

  • Up to 150 Client Smart Card Users
  • Up to 100 Smart Phone Clients Users
  • Up to 100 Client User Codes
  • Send Access Codes to the Lock from The App anywhere in the World
  • Send timed access codes
  • Keyless entry – no lost keys
  • 12 button back-lit keypad
  • Suspend and restore any or all clients
  • Keypad indicates locked / unlocked status
  • Tamper time out and low battery warning


  • Self-Closing Key Cabinets

We have all made the mistake previously of leaving things unmonitored when busy in the workplace. It is a very easy mistake to make for an employee to leave the door open accidentally. Well, do not worry, the self-closing key cabinet gives you the safety and security of knowing your keys are always safe and never at risk.

The spring loaded self-closer combined with the mechanical digital lock allows for true ‘slam shut’ locked operation, so even if you forget to close it yourself, you are assured that your cabinet will shut fully. If you are intrigued and want to check out our range of top tip products, visit the Key Cabinets section on our website.